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Each time you do this her sexual energy will accumulate, gathering more and more intensity and building up. You also want to keep in mind that there is no way that you are going to convince her to swallow every single time you have sex. The only way that you are going to make her climax multiple times is if you keep going hard and fast, even after she has came the first time. The clit and g-spot can give a woman two unique types of orgasms, each of which are incredibly intense and pleasurable. With your two fingers curled upwards towards her belly button, start to move your hand up and down as opposed to just in and out. Sometime ago, I came to the realization that the romantic interaction between a man and a woman must be the

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While eating pussy is largely a matter of just practicing, there is still quite a bit that you can learn before you go in so to speak.

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A lot of guys shy away from using sex toys on the girls they are in bed with because they feel emasculated by them. You also might want to try using a vibrator on her clit during sex for an extra powerful orgasm. When she is coming back down, try and bring her back into another orgasm.

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