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girls sitting on balloons
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In this case, the "popper" or "non-popper" difference is absent since balloons can be produced over and over differently from latex ones, that, once burst, have to be discarded. Lust murder Necrophilia Rape fantasy Zoophilia. In this case, bubblegum balloons may also be blown against some partner's body parts to enhance sexual excitement or as a form of game play. Eye and ear protection is recommended for such exposure to avoid eye damage or hearing loss. A different form of this fetish is the "Bubblegum Balloon Fetish" or "Bubblegum Looning", where, instead of latex balloons, Bubblegum is used to produce small to big balloons in the form of bubbles depending on the size of the gum.

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girls sitting on balloons

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Many "looners" attribute their fetish to early sexual or pre-sexual experiences with balloons, often involving their being burst by members of the desirable sex. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Views Read Edit View history. These hazards may be heightened since balloon fetishists often employ larger-than-average balloons and high-energy forms of popping them, such as overinflation.

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