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SPARC functioned as an art gallery and also kept records of murals. Nepantla can be described as a concept or spirituality in which multiple realities are experienced at the same time Duality. Beginning in and taking about eight months to finish, the mural consisted of 43 eight-foot panels which tell the history of Los Angeles up to The Brown Berets were a youth group that took on a more militant approach to organizing for the Mexican-American community formed in California in the late s. Separate Roads to Feminism. Specifically, women began to question the role that they were assigned within the family and where their place was within the Chicano national struggle. For this reason, one view of Chicano identity is that a new culture is created in order to resist oppression and navigate both worlds.

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Oppression by sexism, however, is hers alone.

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The first efforts of organizing the Chicana Feminist Movement began in the later part of the s. One important way they were able to do this was through the inclusion of different varieties of the Spanish language, a vital component to the preservation of Chicana culture. Bost uses examples of contemporary Chicana artists and literature to illustrate this: Chicana feminism has not ended; it is just manifesting in different ways now.

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