Cell phones that suck

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When it comes down to it, one brand has been absolutely crushing the budget phone market for years now: Motorola. This 5. So if a good camera is important to you, consider the Honor 7X.

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Calling is probably only a small percentage of what the average smartphone is used for today, but you would think that with all the advances in mobile tech, this still critical function would have gotten better too. But just to be clear, there really is a problem. Cell phones are lousy for voice calling.

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Despite sophisticated smartphones and networks, many mobile users are not satisfied with call clarity. Even on a high-end smartphone that uses several microphones and noise-cancellation algorithms, a caller is not guaranteed clear sound, especially in noisy environments. Change is happening slowly but there are promising new technologies are on the horizon.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Startup Your Life. It excites me so much, it even rivals karaoke on my personal passion scale.

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The cell phone industry is what it is and no complaning will change that. Wish it were different but those are the facts. Also, don't forget that no carrier guarantees coverage anywhere.

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I want to smash my cell phone. I want to smash it into hundreds of pieces. Or, the on-air talent from CNET.

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Everyone's got 'em and for the most part they're worthless Which brings us to an interesting little entry by the boobs over at CrunchGear. For some reason, they're hating on smartphonesgiving us the top 10 reasons why they suck.

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A recent trip to Europe startled me in a number of ways. For instance, I rented a car while traveling. It would be considered a small car by Americans but a good-sized car for Europeans. It was very roomy inside and it had a 4-cylinder diesel engine which averaged more than 30 miles per gallon at legal highway speeds up to 81 miles km per hour.

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For years, the only decent way to buy a phone was from your carrier. Those days are behind us. Then, you had to promise to stay with Comcast for two years just to buy that laptop.

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Having no cell phone is annoying anywhere but in New York City it seems nearly impossible. Since the smart phone has gone from a privilege to the standard, we cannot function without it. We use our phones to plan, record, and run every aspect of our lives.