Optimism sucks

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So, naturally we see the negative first. Said something or many things to your partner this morning you regret? Skipped your morning run, trips to the gym, or laps in the pool this week?

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While I do agree with what you said about "The Secret". Indeed, hoping and believing is not enough to bring success. Without action, the only success that can come to you is only delivered by 'luck', or rather, a kind of success that happens without your efforts.

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I do remember crying a lot out of fear and uncertainty about what MS meant for my future. Attitude makes a huge difference in how we view situations. I think that an optimist might use this phrase as part of their arsenal in their fight against MS.

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Optimism is a funny idea. Strong start. How do you feel about yourself right now in this moment? Think about your weight, your wrinkles, your career, family, friends, etc.

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I posed this question to a friend who responded, almost regretfully, that she is the glass-half-empty kind of a gal. While her response to her tendency came out rather reluctantly, I envied her. I am an optimist.

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I really hate people who are super positive. I disagree with the idea of optimism in general, honestly. Now, I may be slightly biased against it, as I was voted Most Pessimistic for the senior superlatives in the yearbook, but I am not just a Debbie Downer.

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Life is difficult. This is one notion that not many would refute. We are all faced with responsibilities, challenges, stressful situations and difficult decisions to make.

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Repeating mistakes sucks. I probably wouldn't even have realized I was doing it, except for the vacation I just took. My mistake: trying to build when I should buy.

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Our natural state of being is joy, and you know this because feelings are the gauge we were gifted with. See this post from just a couple of weeks ago. I have found that, especially in my line of work spiritual advisementI need to keep my vibrations high.

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The sunny-side-uppers claim that a positive attitude is the secret to success. If only all the Eeyores of the world would start thinking more positively, we could cure disease, create world peace, and line our pockets with riches. Yet the self-proclaimed realists assert that they're the only ones are willing to face the facts.


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