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When you're a teenager, nothing is worse — not getting caught kissing behind the bike sheds by your teacher, not forgetting your PE kit and having to play hockey in your knickers — than having to watch a highly vigorous 1min 30sec lapdance scene while sitting in the same room as your mum and dad. I was nine when the film originally came out, so it wasn't until a few years later — once it had royally flopped at the box office and been confined to a midnight movie slot — that Showgirls came into my life. But it has never really left it since.

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And oh, what a magical film it is. I'd heard all the jokes and seen the infamous posterthe one where Berkley looks like a curvy, one-legged french fry of a woman — but I had never seen the movie itself. So I decided to finally watch it, in honor of this special occasion.

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It won seven Golden Raspberry awards and was rated the worst movie of the decade in It also was the first and last time the NC rating was ever released in mainstream theaters. Yet despite all the backlash and bad reviews, it started gathering a cult following after its release. More and more people began watching it and by doing so, they were able to enjoy themselves and not take the movie itself so seriously.

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Twenty years ago, the semi-pornographic yet campy Showgirls was released into theaters, starring Saved by the Bell 's Elizabeth Berkley as a stripper-turned-Vegas showgirl. The movie tanked at the box office, won seven Razzies, and was so poorly reviewed and received that it ended careers. Years later, through video rentals, the meant-to-be darkly funny film became a cult classic, made a huge profit, and found an audience.

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Cristal Connors. Vegas, as an idea greater than its reality, is a place where anyone can make a buck or get fucked, and what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. From the beginning, Showgirls is a film in fragments that is accentuated by moments of controlled sensationalism.

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This is despite the fact — and I say this having observed it in action at press screenings more than once — that these same critics will giggle like excited schoolboys throughout these same scenes. But to admit that an erotic film is either a good film or, God forbid, actually erotic is something that critics seem loathe to do, as if admitting so would somehow reflect on their own desires. A bleak drama about the horrors of trafficking or a condemnatory look at the porn business can fill the screen with flesh and be praised for its blatant hypocrisy.

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Reviewed by. Christopher Armstead. And I have done some truly worthless and stupid stuff with my time in the last sixteen years.

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In addition to bombing, it also was massively ridiculed. Or are critics over-extending themselves to give extra service to Verhoeven, whose extremely violent and satiric Hollywood films pushed the blockbuster envelope in ways that no one dares to try today? Do they miss his bravado within the big budget, R-rated sphere?

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Furious patrons stormed the lobby when it was over, yelling at the ushers and demanding their money back until a nervous manager sheepishly emerged and handed out coupons for free soda. Instead it was laughed or shouted off screens and the title became shorthand for money-losing nudie craptaculars. At the same time, the screenplay by Joe Eszterhas is jaw-dropping in its brutish inanity.


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