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He gives it to Vulture-Man and the Mutants so they can make a device to destroy the T-cats. Lion-O must be able to distinctly separate the real from the unreal. He tells Hachiman that Lion-O and the Thundercats are destroying his planet. We may feel bad or worry that we are at a disadvantage if we don't possess a quality. Lion-O takes a shorter but more dangerous route to make up for Cheetara's advantage.

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thundercats break time

Mumm-Ra awakens the Rock Giant, an ancient monster made of stone which looked like a mountain to the TCats.

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All Seasons

When the Lunataks arrive, they meet up with Captain Cracker, a pirate who the Thundercats also exiled. The Luna-tacks have been freed by the mutants. She is suppose to be the exact opposite of Mumm-Ra, serving the ancient spirits of goodness as opposed to the ancient spirits of evil.

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