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Her mouth is so warm …… so wet …… and it feels so good!! Over the next few weeks and months my baby girl and I get together rather often after her classes. But somehow she knows the trick that her mother and I sometimes use. Without waiting for a reply she takes my crown into her mouth and begins sucking. We have lots of fun, actually fucking all over the house, something that her mother and I used to do before my baby girl came along and we still did even after that when we thought that knew that she was sound asleep or was going to be gone for a while. Then I start to use a variety of movements, fast, slow, and a combination where I pull out slow and then slam into her.

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Gabriela. Age: 21.
tumblr naughty daughter

I continue to play, stroking in and out and twisting them around to help stretch her muscle.

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Aubrey. Age: 21.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I grab the needed paperwork out of my home office and head out the door. I reach down and grasp her titties, the first time that I have ever laid my hands on her grown-up boobs. After a little while I do crawl up between her spread legs and tease her by having my mouth so close to her sex that she can feel my warm breath while I still caress her with my fingers.

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