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The Bra Lab is truly a one-of-a-kind company — unlike traditional bras that hook in the back, their bras hook on the SIDE. Therefore, unlike other brands that encompass a large variety of sizes, their products are much more flattering on smaller women. While some petite lingerie companies only go up to a C cup for their smaller bras, ThirdLove sells A through I cups which is honestly a life saver. To all my petite Asian ladies out there, I feel you, no one understands our struggles when it comes to shopping for clothes. The only way your bra should make you feel. When wearing a new bra, be sure to start on the loosest hook. If your bra straps have ever left indentations on your shoulders or if you experience pains due to the wiring in the bra, it may be time to start considering different styles and or sizes.

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The Little Bra Company was founded by Emily Lau and their products are specifically designed for petite, smaller-framed women.

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Asian Girls With Small Boobs Rejoice! Here Are Some Of The Best Tried And Tested Petite Bras

Their soft, high-quality fabric is unbeatable, not to mention the gorgeous styles and comfort. The only way your bra should make you feel. View this post on Instagram.

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