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brandi of storage wars
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Passante certainly didn't have that high net worth back in when MyLifetime. Filming together on the show plus working side by side at the store, the couple quickly realized that some boundaries needed to be set. For the time being, the answer to that question is unclear, and the status of the couple's relationship remains uncertain. However, there was a good reason. As it happened, Passante was manning the cash register that day. However, Passante admitted she has mixed feelings about fame.

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Moore fabricated the video for the purpose of trading on Passante's fame and celebrity to draw traffic to his site.

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The untold truth of Brandi Passante from Storage Wars

In fact, Passante admitted that being in each other's faces constantly did put a strain on their relationship at first, and she said it took some doing for the couple to try to find the right balance. While Schulz has been absent from Passante's social media, she has shared several photos of herself accompanied by a mystery man who has appeared in other posts. A lot of the times, we pick it back up tomorrow when we get back to the shop but we don't take it home.

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