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The player must earn enough points to complete the date before they run out of moves. She gives the player tips on how to interact with each woman and explains how the game's various mechanics work. Each successful date will also raise the game's difficulty, making subsequent dates require more points to complete. After 3 successful dates with a woman, the player will be able to take them on a date at night, and if that date is successful, the player can bring the woman to their bedroom for one final round of tile matching and, if this is successful, have sexual intercourse with her. The player can also use special items called "date gifts" during their dates which grant positive effects to help the player earn more points. Occasionally those two identities feel at odds with each other, but for the most part they work in concert to show you a good time. HuniePop is available in two different versions, an uncensored version available via Humble Bundle and MangaGamer , and a censored version via Steam.

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Yaretzi. Age: 20.
huniepop sex scenes uncensored

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Sandra. Age: 31.
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Doing this rewards the player with "Hunie", an in-game currency that can be used to upgrade the player's stats. Tile-matching , dating sim. Kotaku gave HunieCam Studio a mixed review, commenting that although the game's text was occasionally entertaining, they found the overall game experience to be "extremely boring". In fact, with better writing and some more care given to the characters to flesh them out, it could be so much more.

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