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Which is why the sex trafficking industry exists. All the gay role models belonged to men. I just wanted to emphasize this part. That understanding something as basic as human biology and sexuality makes them evil. Because libfems love to screech about individualism. Why does literally everyone hate gay people, including actual gay people? By all accounts, Louis XVI was a nice guy but was obsessed with locks, famously indecisive, painfully shy, and constantly suspicious of his wife.

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Which is why the sex trafficking industry exists.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Says nothing bad about trans people and does not advocate harm or violence in any way. When Antoinette was finally arrested by the revolutionaries, one of the last possessions taken from her was a miniature of the princess. In the midst of the graphic, extremely public hatred being thrown at her, Marie Antoinette retreated further into the relative safety of the court and sought intimacy from those closest to her: her ladies-in-waiting.

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