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Time Squad : In the episode "Dishonest Abe", Abraham Lincoln, tired of being "Honest Abe" decides to play pranks on people, including giving two citizens atomic wedgies. The mayor and a couple of police officers show up and mistakenly believe that Vicky has kidnapped the goat while Timmy apprehended her. In response, one of them shines a light in his eyes, causing him to fall and get left dangling from the diving board by his speedo until it rips off. A magazine ad for the Lemon Wedgie flavor of Altoids features a nerdy boy holding a container of Altoids hanging by his underwear. A skit in Chelsea Lately has Chelsea give one of her male employees repeated wedgies as a form of exercise. Drawn Together : Toot receives a devastating wedgie from the popular girls while at fat camp in the episode "A Tale of Two Cows".

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anime wedgie

This results in Marainne's bikini bottom getting stretched beyond belief, giving her a huge wedgie.

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Drawing Comics, hanging wedgie anime transparent background PNG clipart

In Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 , Flint and Chester V suspend themselves by their stretchy "wedgie-proof underwear" in order to get a device surrounded by electrified water. Beauty and the Geek : In the Australian edition of the show, one challenge involves the titular geeks having to answer trivia questions while their underwear are attached to a hook and crank that gives them increasingly severe wedgies for every one they get wrong. Batgirl Rebirth : In the very first issue, Supergirl accidentally gives Batgirl a wedgie by grabbing her by her pants when she's about to fall. The "Bungee Wedgie" stunt in Jackass: The Movie has Raab Himself jump off a tree while bungee cords are attached to it; giving himself a hanging wedgie.

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