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If the player wins, he only gets the choice of sex with Rainbow Dash. If the player tries to open the door to the club house after the first time, a dialog box will pop up, with the player's character saying: "Better leave them alone. After it is over, Twilight makes plans to tell the Princess about her new experiences. During any of the sex mini-games, the player must sit through a certain amount of time as a bar fills in the top right-hand corner of the screen. The sex scene commences after some dialogue. The player must then leave and come back the next day.

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banned from equestria daily download

In the game, the player is lying in bed when all of a sudden Trixie appears and says to the player that she is about to make all his dreams come true.

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For all intents and purposes, it is a sex game. In order to gain access to the house with loud music coming out of it, the player must find the key hidden in the record on her door, by clicking on the record in the center. The player can talk to Trixie at any time during the day to have her transform the red pony into an Earth pony, a Pegasus or a unicorn.

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