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Soon Erza couldn't even move, the light made her eyes hurt a little, and the noise was almost unbearable The woman jumped down and used her wings to hover over to the glowing box. Erza smiled brighter at the sight of the boy's big and round azure blue eyes Erza was instantly reminded of the baby and quickly tended to him, She check of he was hurt from the strong light or sound, but she found that he was perfectly fine. Erza made a note in her mind to have a nice dinner later before she turned in. The monolith started to move faster andthe cracks became larger around the area, and the ground looked like it would give way soon.

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Lilliana. Age: 22.
naruto x erza

But it was obvious that she was not normal

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Marleigh. Age: 28.
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With an exhale, Erza walked through the glowing white wall and stepped into the box Overall, the area looked horrid and it seem that the weather had really been the most extreme in this area. The young woman was holding a giant horn over her head with only one hand, and it looked like she was not even trying. She pulled him to her chest and away from the middle of the box.

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