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Working around the ranch keeps me in very good shape. Sequoia Good, Wilma is pregnant with yuour child. Anonymous reader im a girl and i loved reading your story. I'm having a hard time believing this is a true story. Archaic Author - It was a verry good story but i think you got a little carried away towards the end. Anonymous reader I came here horny, but left in tears. Look forward to reading your reply.

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My friends lift weights in the gym and I just toss a few bales of hay and lift a few bags of grain.

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Charlie. Age: 30.
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HotPaPa78 Dear Authoress, I have found that having a lady suck my cock is the most pleasurable sexual exercise. READER If this sort of stuff disturbs you and you have trouble seperating fact from fiction and the author from the sick sad souls she writes about - don't read them!!!! But I never really understood that women liked it so much as you point-out in this story.

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