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More Top Airing Anime 1 Haikyuu!! They use this ability to catch people off guard to either abduct or eat them - pretty scary stuff for a timid creature. Levels of Anime Cat Girls Level 0: The Cat Impersonators - The lowest level of an anime cat girl looks nothing like a cat, but rather imitates them in their way of speech or actions. They don't fantasize passively and they will rather do some bizarre things to explore these emotions they're feeling. Gainaxing: The Physics Defying Anime Oppai Let us all say thanks to every anime illustrator that brings our dreams and ideals to life.

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Someone wearing fake cat parts or a whole costume can be considered a cat girl too.

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Remi. Age: 25.
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Anime cat girls have a special place in everyone's hearts!

Originally sold by a clothing company in China, Japan made it even more interesting by dressing their anime characters with it. But this is just the beginning of a beautiful cat obsession. It was the first of that kind in Japan and it prompted even more shows with kemonomimi characters. Cat girls are also refereed to as neko musume cat daughters , nekojin cat people , and plain old neko cat.

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