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However, she was still described as the Enterprise 's chief psychologist. They wanted something a bit more elegant and contained. A week later, she arrived at Jupiter Station but was unable to mediate an agreement between the two doctors. The two began a relationship sometime between and , and the relationship lasted several years. Troi and Crusher chatted about a date with Tom during a workout, where Crusher mischievously pointed out that Troi should not be afraid to try a relationship with the duplicate Riker.

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He was too shy to approach her, so he created a holoprogram to interact with her.

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Deanna Troi

That would have gotten boring real fast. She used their residual link to her advantage, however, during the Battle in the Bassen Rift ; after the Enterprise was nearly disabled, Troi took the helm and, under Captain Picard's orders, crashed the ship into Shinzon's Reman warbird , the Scimitar , further disabling that craft. She was then promoted to the rank of commander and began to include bridge command as part of her duty shifts.

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