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By MelficeJune 30, in Everything Else. Penis explodes during sex Doctors in Romania are treating a year-old whose penis exploded while he was making love to his girlfriend. Ilarie Coroiu was taken to hospital in the Transylvanian town of Cluj after his girlfriend, Magdalena, 18, "felt something strange" and noticed that the bed was covered in blood.

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And yes, it could happen to you. According to photos from Dr. Wang said of his very lucky report subject.

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Everything you need to know about erections from erection struggles to physical and mental tips. You may be unsurprised to learn that little has changed over the years when it comes to erections. In fact, this is probably only matched the pursuit of erectile greatness judging by the growing column inches on the subject.

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Viagra's helped many men overcome heh erectile dysfunction and it's now one of the most popular drugs today. However, in recent years, many other drugs and remedies have sprung up heh heh that have heightened the experience and become more and more potent for men. TriMix reportedly gives the user an erection that can last for several hours, however there are side effects.

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Cowgirl and doggy style are the most likely positions to break your penis. You should never rely upon this article for specific medical advice. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your doctor.

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Unlike many other forms of sexual health productsPenis Pumps are regarded as a taboo topic. Kicking it off is the biggest myth and question there is. Penis Pumps work by using a vacuum seal to push the flow of blood into the penis, making it erect.

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Okay, so there isn't a bone in your penis, but you can fracture it. This happens when there's a tear in the part of the penis called the tunica albuginea. When it happens typically during sexyou'll notice a loud popping sound and an immediate loss of your erection.

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Arteries and veins carry blood to and from the penis. These blood vessels play an important role in erections. During an erection, the arteries expand to increase blood flow to the penis.


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