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How do you keep growing when you're already the world's largest social network? Fast food may provide the answer. Facebook has more in common with McDonald's than you might think.

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For fear of raising safety concerns, Facebook has avoided working directly with any commercial banks. He also needs a commitment from governments to enforce the web of contractual relations underpinning the currency, and to endorse the use of their own currencies as collateral. The question is whether governments understand the risks to financial stability that such a system would entail.

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In today's episode, Simon and Sarah are joined by a host of brilliant guests and friends of the show, to talk about the latest and greatest news in blockchain, which this week largely involves Facebook! Today's guests include:. First up we take a look at Facebook's big news!

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Facebook is a classic Silicon Valley success story: It's gone from an idea hatched in a Harvard dorm to one of the most powerful and influential companies in the world. Zuckerberg used pictures of his classmates that he hacked from the school administration's dormitory ID files. The site got 22, pageviews from people in the first four hours it was up. A few days later, Harvard ordered it to be taken down, citing copyright and security concerns.

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Now, as regulators in Washington, D. On Tuesday, Facebook announced plans to debut Libra, a cryptocurrency it has been developing for more than a year. Zuckerberg is promising that the new blockchain-based currency, which is set to launch inwill be more secure, too.

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You might be aware that Facebook has been and still is gaining popularity among its users. But you might not know the actual numbers behind its popularity. In this blog you will find out all about the facts and figures and what they might mean to you.

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I f you have visited China in recent years you might have discovered how difficult it is to make your way through without WeChat, an all-purpose mobile phone application. People in China use WeChat for everything from sending messages to family to reading news and opinion to ordering food to paying at vending machines to paying for a taxi. WeChat lets you deposit money in your bank, search for a library book, make a medical appointment, conduct business conference calls, and interact with the government.

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The one-year-old Facebook-led initiative, called Internet. Businesses like Facebook are filling an internet access gap in emerging markets that others, including the public sector, may simply never be able to address. Is it better for a society to be more digitally inclusive, even with the help of corporations while also pursuing their business interestsor should a guarantee of absolute principles of net neutrality come first — regardless of whether it deters such private initiative?

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Facebook is confirmed to officially have held talks with US regulatory bodies about launching its long-rumored cryptocurrency- GlobalCoin. Depending on the implementation, this could either go extremely well or just disastrous, no in-between. Facebook envisions a coin that can be used to make payments to various stores and outlets hosted on its platform.

Mark Zuckerberg always thought his social network would become a superpower, even when it was founded 15 years ago, according to a damning op-ed by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughespublished in the New York Times on Thursday. In his op-ed, Hughes says that this quest for success has driven Facebook to "staggering" influence over the spread of information, users' personal data, and the way that people talk to each other. He calls for the breakup of Facebook, and increased oversight of the company and its CEO. Although Hughes hasn't worked at Facebook in more than a decade, he wrote in the Times that he felt "a sense of anger and responsibility" to bring awareness to what he sees as the social network's monopolistic tendencies.


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