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Humans are incredibly vain, and often the only people we love more than ourselves are those who greatly remind us of ourselves. In a studypsychologist R. Incest is defined as having sexual relations with close family members, and throughout the majority of the world the practice is not only taboo but also illegal.

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Updated August 16, Although it may not be palatable for some, did you know it is legal to marry your first cousin in many states in Australia? Currently, the Act states marriage is "the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life".

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I know she was free at the time but I feel really guilty about it now. They were living together and I thought they were all set to get married. Then she called me and said it was all going wrong. She looked incredible.

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We are both My friend had been seeing a guy for a few weeks but he suddenly ended it, saying he was moving abroad with his job. She was so upset.

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We have all heard stories about people that marry their cousins. There is an aura of shame and disgrace that goes along with it; largely due to the fact that two cousins who marry essentially up their risk of birth defects in their children. Regardless, marriage between cousins happens.

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I've known my cousin since I was quite young and she was always a looker but a hell raiser. She's almost 10 years older. Until last year we hadn't seen each other since I was

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I know this is messed up but yeah I had sex with my first cousin. I need to, because this is bad. Please help.

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A moustached, dusky, college-going boy, I called "Dada". He would have the habit of staring at me lustfully. He would follow me around at weddings. Always accompanied me to elevators, which I found creepy.


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