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Military spouses of all branches are appreciated today for supporting their spouses who serve in the military. I think its a great time and reminder to remember just how much you do in supporting your family and our country. Its okay to take the time to be appreciated by others especially your spouse.

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If my Twitter feed ever blew upit would have had to been last night. Let me start by saying to the writers of Army Wives, job well done this episode really gave some of the juiciness I think many of us have been looking for. Kudos to whoever cast Marta as Roxy's mom…they look just enough alike to pass for mom and daughter!

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There is an old saying that if you take two steps forward and one step back, you will eventually reach your goal. This serves as an apt description of the progress of gay rights generally and marriage equality specifically in the U. In just the past year, the Defense Department DOD has dropped its policy of dishonorably discharging gay service members, allowed uniformed troops to march in a gay pride parade and hosted a same-sex wedding in the historic chapel at West Point.

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Broadway made her case in a letter :. When I decided to dedicate myself to my spouse, I knew all too well I was dedicating myself to the Army as well. My record of service to the military community would be an outstanding addition to your group.

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Geoffrey encourages Reba to stop being so uptight and open up with more honest songwriting to let her fans get to know her. Meanwhile, Kim's husband is acting a little too friendly towards Reba, June tests her mother's limits when she invites Sage over to hang out in her bedroom and Cash struggles with finding "Malibu style. The students at Degrassi High struggle to balance their school lives with their personal lives.

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As a Military wife stress can come with the territory. Usually many things happen all at once and create a chain reaction leading to stressful situations. It makes hormones that speed up your heart, make you breathe faster, and give you a burst of energy.

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If you watched Army Wives this week, you know that some of our predictions for lesbian couple Nicole and Charlie turned out to be correct. First, a few corrections from what I wrote last week. In fact, Charlie is a civilian.

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She also asked her girlfriend Charlie Michelle Bathe to marry her. Not that a few false notes kept me from crying like a baby at the end. Charlie tries to get Nicole to talk about setting a date for the wedding without much luck.

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A touching behind the scenes video, which looks at a lesbian relationship in the US army. They are really counting me in. I think allowing gays and lesbians to express who they are freely makes them want to give it their all.

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Army soldier describes being digitally threatened by so-called 'CyberCaliphate'. Ricketts was one of five military wives who received death threats from the self-styled CyberCaliphate on the morning of Feb. On both sides of the Atlantic, the consensus is that the two groups are closely related. But that consensus never filtered through to the women involved, many of whom were convinced they had been targeted by Islamic State sympathizers right up until the AP contacted them.