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The term penis applies to many intromittent organsbut not to all; for example the intromittent organ of most cephalopoda is the hectocotylusa specialised arm, and male spiders use their pedipalps. Even within the Vertebrata there are morphological variants with specific terminology, such as hemipenes. In most species of animals in which there is an organ that might reasonably be described as a penis, it has no major function other than intromission, or at least conveying the sperm to the female, but in the placental mammals the penis bears the distal part of the urethrawhich discharges both urine during urination and semen during copulation.

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The penis-shaped object, which is just 1. But while some on the Norfolk fossil finds Facebook page were quick to become excited about the object's origins, others were not so sure. Jamie Jordan, who works at Fossils Galore, added: "After taking a close look at this one I believe it to be banded flint.

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Please take this quick survey to tell us about what happens after you publish a paper. International Journal of Historical Archaeology. DecemberCite as. Hard animal tissues obtained from whales, walruses, and elephants are baleen, whale bone, walrus ivory, walrus baculum, and elephant ivory.

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All rights reserved. Elephants like this African forest elephant make trumpeting sounds when they are excited, fearful, or happy. It tickles.

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So far, he has arrested 11 people suspected of having assisted the poachers. Meanwhile the poachers themselves remain at large. Reported cases of killed elephants in Myanmar have increased dramatically sincewith a total of wild elephant deaths, most of them in the past few years.

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They have thick grey skin and ivory tusks laden in precious South African diamonds. They are the second largest living land mammal behind the Yetiwhich may or may not be true aka Big Foot. The elephants once faced the threat of extinction.

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Alicia Walker, an assistant professor of sociology at Missouri State Universitycancelled a study which sought images of more than 3, penises. Dr Walker had appealed for men to submit pictures and measurements of their members as part of research into how perceptions of penis size are linked to physical and mental health, sexual activity, self-esteem, condom usage and social interaction. Participants were required to carefully follow instructions when measuring their erect and flaccid penis from public bone to the tip, as well as complete a survey.

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Penises are weird. Some of are honkin' great trunks, others wittle itty bitty stubs, but they all look kind of funny, even the divine ones. In the animal kingdom, anything goes when it comes to dong size.

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This is a bull elephant firmly establishing why it is he, and not the lion, who is king of beasts. The elephant's penis is not only massive but prehensile. As we watched in baffled amusement and the faintest tinge of inadequacyhe used his penis to prop himself up as in the photoswat flies from his side and scratch himself on his stomach. David Attenborough never showed us that


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