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Follow Judy Chicago on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and updates! Sign Up for the Judy Chicago Corner. Their topic for the night is inspired by an interview in Finkel's new book "It Speaks to Me", in which Chicago discusses a painting by Pelton as an example of early abstraction that she finds powerful and empowering.

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Ever since I've been old enough to sneak copies of Teen Magazine at the middle school library, I've known that vaginas sorry, "down theres" are mysterious, confusing places that need to be waxed, washed, wiped, and maintained lest all men run screaming away from you and you end up spending your life attachment parenting a series of rescue cats. As I matured and graduated to an entirely new level of man-obsessed stupidity in magazines, I gradually realized that while ladymags dispense plenty of advice on how vaginas should look, there's no real yardstick on how they should taste, or how a high achieving gal like me who just wants to have the tastiest snatch in town could go about getting it. Science must have some answers, right?

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So as of right now, I don't know who in the fuck will be on this site next week By the time I pay the toll, I can barely accelerate and it goes slow as hell G-dogg getting pussy at the shop from juanita 2 min The way it works is that I just find a way to work around those hard times and still get me some pussy lined up for the site and that's just what I'm about to do now I'm telling you that you will have a good time jacking off to this video. But too bad, she didn't get shit but her money. He didn't say shit to me and I didn't say shit to him.

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If, indeed, other animals have a vaginal entrance, why does most of the article focus on Humans? I think the Human Vagina should have one section, while the rest of the article should elaborate on other forms of the vagina in other organisms. I'm going to put my foot down on this one: we are not going to have a list of vulgar words for the vagina or the penis.

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Here's the scoop on this and four other things you shouldn't do to your vagina. Oh, Gwyneth. Here's the scoop on this and four other things you definitely should not be doing to your vagina.

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I once used Nair on my bikini zone and it worked great, so I thought, Why not hit up the lower area too? I applied the Nair on my vagina, and after a few moments I realized I was burning my labia off. I then went into my room and applied aloe vera directly into my snootch, which made it burn even worse, because apparently that's not made for vaginas either.

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Vaginas are great, but if you have one, chances are you've asked yourself at least once, "Why is my vagina itchy? Vaginal discomfort like itchiness is super common and rarely a cause for major concern, but it's still plenty frustrating. An irritated vulva or vagina is just that: irritating.

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But in our monthly column Popping OffAimee Cliff takes the temperature of mainstream pop music. Vaginas: in a world where porn is mainstream, they're not as shocking as they used to be—as long as you're just alluding to them in a sexual context. On the London leg of Miley Cyrus's Bangerz tour last year, I watched as she thrust hers forwards on the hood of a car.

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Texas attorney Samuel Cammack III has released police dashcam video that he says shows authorities subjected a black college student to a humiliating public body cavity search. Investigators alleged they found 0. Two of the deputies involved the body cavity search were charged last year with official oppression.

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There are so many things we're never told about our vaginas like that most of the things on this list are actually about vulvas instead of vaginas, and no, the two are not the same. Here are 15 things I wish we'd had cleared up sooner. What the hell that white stuff in your underwear is.


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