Darth talon wiki

darth talon wiki
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Although Talon's character design was identical to her Legacy appearance, other concept art depicted a suggested redesign of Darth Krayt and an officer of the "New Empire. At first, Krayt, alongside Darth Talon, Darth Nihl and two Sith troopers, was confronted by five Sith allied to Darth Wyyrlok; however, Krayt and his followers quickly cut through them. Through the dark side, she rallied a herd of vanx to her side. At Krayt's request, Skywalker repaired the damage that he inflicted on Talon. Talon was further caught by surprise when Cade Skywalker used the Force to hurl a pile of wreckage at her. You can feel it like a heart beating within this temple.

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When the former Jedi mocked the Dark Lord, Talon angrily attacked him; only to be Force pushed against a wall.

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Darth Talon

Sometime later, however, Talon mysteriously disappeared from the Temple. Talon dueled against Skywalker taunting him that he was closer to the dark side than he thought. Retrieved on April 13 ,

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