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The Asian arowana Scleropages formosus comprises several phenotypic varieties of freshwater fish distributed geographically across Southeast Asia. They have several other common names, including Asian bonytonguedragonfishand a number of names specific to the different color varieties. Native to Southeast AsiaAsian arowanas inhabit blackwater riversslow-moving waters flowing through forested swamps and wetlands.

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CITES is an international agreement between governments, aimed to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. Photo: Raymond Tan. Skip to main content.

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Asian arowana, Scleropages formosus is a highly valued aquarium fish in the world, particularly in Asian countries, and has been listed as one of the most highly endangered species. This is a freshwater, carnivorous, fairly large mouth breeding fish belonging to the family Osteoglossidae. Arowana can be found in different colour varieties such as green, red, silver and golden.

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In AugustConservationTraining. During this period, the online Red List Training course will be unavailable. We expect the course to be back online on 19th August.

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Short description Morphology Morphometrics With 1 pair of barbels; scales large. Found in forest covered streams including peat adjacent areas. Take around three months for free swimming fries Ref.

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At least three other species of the genus are recognised, two of which occur in Australia, and another which was described from Burma Myanmar in Roberts, The latter, Scleropages inscriptusis similar in form to Scleropages formosus but its head and body is adorned with complex markings in a maze-like pattern. The species occurs in blackwater habitats with acidic water such as swamps, wetlands and slow-flying rivers.

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Mitochondrial DNA-derived sequences have become popular markers for evolutionary studies, as their comparison may yield significant insights into the evolution of both the organisms and their genomes. From the more than 24, teleost species, only complete mtDNA sequences are available GenBank status on 06 Sep In this paper, we report the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of Asian arowana, a basal bonytongue fish species, which belongs to the order of Osteoglossiformes.

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All rights reserved. The Asian arowana, also known as the dragon fish, is believed by the Chinese to bring good luck and prosperity due to its red color and coin-like scales. One woman risked terrorists, headhunters, and the 'fish mafia' to see an Asian arowana in the wild.

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PetersburgRussia. The Asian arowana Scleropages formosusone of the world's most expensive cultivated ornamental fishes, is an endangered species. It represents an ancient lineage of teleosts: the Osteoglossomorpha.


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