Hairy sea hare

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Changi, May 05 Two pairs of tubular tentacles Short triangular 'tail' with white bars. Eggs in top right corner? Pulau Sekudu, Feb

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Found in warm temperate and tropical waters throughout the world. Seven or eight geographical subspecies are recognised by some authorities. December

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Hairy Sea Hare found in Gardeners Gap. They have lost the shell common to most shellfish. The soft skin has gained a new freedom of expression.

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Hi Bill Thanks for your help. I had a look at your Sea Slug Forum and the animal I described on the phone certainly looks like Bursatella leachii. There are presently hundreds in a fairly small area feeding over sand on bacteria?

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They somewhat resemble rabbits or hares, and hence their common name. Sea hares have a soft body with an internal shell under a fleshy mantle. In Singapore, they sometimes gather in large numbers, possibly for reproduction purposes.

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Year of the sea hares by Dr J Floor Anthoni www. In Mayreports have been filed of invasions of sea hares, particularly the hairy sea hare Bursatella glauca in estuaries and sheltered coasts. Under the bridge in Torbay Auckland, New ZealandI found over juveniles on less than ten square metres of sandy mud but, by the next day, they had all disappeared!

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St John's Island, Mar 05 Long narrow tail with spots. Spiky projections. Purple or blue spots with fine lines running along the length of the body.

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Leave a comment Upload image See Google Images. Found singly in pairs or groups over estuaries and in tide-pools of coastal areas. They feed on algae and sea lettuce.

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Sharks, little critters, exploring old riverboat wharfs in limited viz. Canon mm Zoom. Natural light.

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By Master, April 20, in Invertebrate Forum. I just purchased a spotted sea hare for some hair algae 2 days ago. I was wondering if besides seeing it graze on algae sometimes is there any type of behavior I should be on the look out for? Is it the blue spotted ones?


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