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Jean is greeted by the students of the Xavier Institute as if she were her older self, and is warned by older Jean that she will have to play along and show as few inconsistencies as possible. Suddenly, Wolverine falls from the sky and is caught by Beast : they're both surprised to see Jean as she was supposed to stay in Hong Kong for a while. As discrepancies start to grow, Quentin Quire tries to hit her with a bat, breaking a window in the process.

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This summer, superhero movies will face the end of an era, and we're not talking about Avengers: Endgame. Dark Phoenixthe final film in Fox's nearly two-decade-long X-Men saga, is finally set to hit theaters on June 7th. In the 19 years since X-Men arrived, these characters have jumped forwards and backwards in time, gotten older and younger, been recast, retconned, resurrected, and so much more.

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The first was V For Vendetta McTeiguereleased in March, which told the story of a dystopian Britain and a revolution started single-handedly by a masked vigilante. This is perhaps the best Alan Moore adaptation to film, although Moore would disagree. The film, and the comic upon which it was based, never seem to lose relevance, as evidenced by the countless Guy Fawkes masks at any given protest.

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With Dark Phoenix now playing in theaters, you probably have a few questions either before going into the movie or after coming out of it. Be aware that spoilers lie ahead. But then three brightly lit alien ships arrive and land in the American Northeast.

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The X-Men spin-off has been languishing in release date hell with two major delays announced in recent years — firstly until February 22,with the next delay pushing the film back until August 2, And now it seems that even Maisie, who plays Wolfsbane in the film, doesn't have a clue what's going on either. Chatting to Rolling Stone about the complicated situation — especially now that Disney's recent acquisition of Fox is complete — Maisie shared some rather blunt thoughts about the whole thing.

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Unfortunately the X-Men lost the battle and they were taken to flagship of the Shi'ar fleet where Cyclops was unable to prevent a psychic lobotomy being performed on Jean which destroyed the portion of her brain that her mutant powers resided in the hopes of containing the Phoenix force within her. Jean and the other X-Men returned to the school and she almost immediately took on a docile role of servant in an attempt to fit into the school once again. However, everyone pitied her for the loss of her highly spirited nature, but she soon began training the others to use their mutant powers more effectively, especially young Sprite who had just arrived at the school to begin her training.

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Prior to the Rolling Stone interview, Turner had not publicly spoken about working with Singer in the aftermath of the latest allegations. I have to be very strategic about everything. And Harvey Weinstein is Joffrey or Ramsay.

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Attendees got the chance to see 17 minutes of X-Men: Dark Phoenix filled with action and drama. Beware of spoilers ahead. The first scene focuses on the X-Men going on a space mission to save astronauts stranded in space.

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With a total of nine yep, nine! Both trilogies boast many of the same characters -- but with a completely different set of A-list actors. Which version of our favorite X-Men did it best?

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Comic Books Previews. Since their debut inthe X-Men have sworn to protect a world that hates and fears them. But you know what?


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