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Skip to main content Explore. May 12, Tubeworms redan eelpout fish, and a crab jockey for space near a hydrothermal vent on the mid-Atlantic Ridge.

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Bottom: the anthropologist Louis Leakey, ; Padaung women in Burma, ; a sadhu, with his begging bowl, in India, ; the Temple of Luxor, Egypt, Magazines in their great age, before they were unmoored from their spines and digitally picked apart, before perpetual blogging made them permeable packages, changing mood at every hour and up all night like colicky infants—magazines were expected to be magisterial registers of the passing scene. Yet, though they were in principle temporal, a few became dateless, timeless.

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His images celebrate the mystery of the depths and offer portraits of creatures so intimate they sometimes appear to have been shot in a studio. Skerry dives eight months of the year, often in extreme conditions beneath Arctic ice or in predator-infested waters, and has even lived at the bottom of the sea to get close to his subjects. In the book and this presentation, Skerry takes us from the glacial waters of the North Atlantic, where harp seals face off with commercial hunters, to the balmy central Pacific, where he photographed damaged coral ecosystems rebuilding themselves.

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National Geographic Channel. Comedian Zane Lamprey has made a career out of that very pursuit. Jealous of his job? Yes, Zane knows full well he won the vocational lottery.

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All rights reserved. Beyond the Cape: the forbidding shores of Antarctica, miles away. Prosaic thoughts give way to profound during moments and at coordinates such as these.

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In this new world, the medium is meaningless. Media define themselves by the pipes that feed them but the public does not; we want what we want when, where, and how we want it. The wise media company will be there with us; the stubborn ones will die.

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This is a trailer for the episode of the series that explores the Mediterranean Sea. Much controversy surrounded the sinking of the Sydney. Byhe joined forces with the Australian Government to track them down, and the National Geographic series follows the moment he found both ships.

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The twin-hulled, yacht-scaled Islander accommodates 48 guests in 24 outside cabins. The Islander has all the same tools for exploration—Zodiacs, kayaks, snorkeling gear, video microscope—but it does not have a glass-bottom boat. The staff- and crew-to-guest ratio is the same on both ships ensuring excellent service whenever you choose to explore. Air temperatures vary from island to island, and water temperatures can vary greatly since they are affected by converging currents and upwellings that create the rich seas that support so much life.

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At National GeographicDaniel Stone explains how photographer Ernie Button has created a fantasy universe from the sediment left in a drained tumbler. To make his images, Button takes pictures of the dried residue from a variety of Scotches, then trains multicoloured lights on their unique patterns. Thanks to this artful treatment, plus some Photoshop work, Glenlivet produces lavalike waves, Balvenie yields what could be a glowing celestial body, and Macallan becomes a vortex resembling a blossom.

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After struggling with dyslexia Robert Clark found his calling behind the camera. Follow his journey from newspapers to National Geographic as he… more. Each presentation is filmed in front of a live audience at National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D. New clips air every Monday.


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