South asian teens and american culture

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We examine the meaning of drug use and found three types of narratives invoked to explain their drug use. The first noted difficulties arising from their Asian-American identities, the experience of culture clash and stresses associated with acculturation and Americanization. The final group saw neither their identities as Asian Americans, as drug users, nor as Asian American drug users as problematic.

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Asian Americans are Americans of Asian ancestry. The term refers to a panethnic group that includes diverse populations, which have ancestral origins in East AsiaSouth Asiaor Southeast Asiaas defined by the U. Census Bureau.

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We examine how illicit drug use and other consuming practices shape their understanding of Asian American identities, finding three distinct patterns. The first presents a disjuncture between Asian American ethnicity and drug use, seeing their own consumption as exceptional. The second argues their drug consumption is a natural outgrowth of their Asian American identity, allowing them to navigate the liminal space they occupy in American society.

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All rights reserved. The stand-up comic Hari Kondabolu, who is Indian American, had just finished telling a joke about being brown in America when the laughter was interrupted. The phrase is instantly recognizable to millions of fans of The Simpsons television show as the signature utterance of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, who is portrayed unabashedly as a racial stereotype: the thrifty, borderline unscrupulous, and somewhat servile Indian convenience store owner. To Kondabolu, those words at a show in October were even more familiar.

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Whereas many professional immigrants particularly women feel that they must choose between being Indian or being American, I demonstrate how transnational adoptees begin to create a sense of solidarity with each other as Indians and as Americans. These films document the ways in which first and second-generation immigrants create imaginative relationships with their countries of 'origin' at the same time that they embody and produce racialized subjectivities as South Asians in the United States. It's my pleasure to welcome you to the faculty-lecture series, and it's my pleasure to introduce today's speaker.

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An overview essay on Asian Americans, including identity issues perceptions and misperceptions, use of terminology, understanding demographics, and the extreme diversity contained within the term. The growth and diversification of the Asian American population in recent years has been nothing short of phenomenal. Driven by sustained immigration and refugee resettlement during the s and s, Asian Americans have emerged as the nation's fastest growing racial group.

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America is a melting pot of cultures -- but it seems like not all cultures and ethnicities are welcome. Unless, of course, their clothing is appropriated for profit or racial jokes are made at their expense for entertainment. It seems as if some Americans love everything about us

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Tizon was a prolific writer: in he won a Pulitzer Prize for an investigative report exposing the corruption behind a federal housing program for Native Americans. Seventeen years later, he published his memoir, Big Little Mandetailing his exploration of Asian American identity and masculinity. In exploring identity, Tizon used his experiences as a Filipino immigrant to show discrimination faced by the larger Asian American community discrimination which is largely ignored in American society.

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Straddling Two Worlds: The Experience of Vietnamese Refugee Children in the United States -- an excellent report that examines the current state of Vietnamese America, summarizing research findings on Vietnamese children, both those who are native born and those born in Vietnam and raised in the United States -- provides insight into the complex issues many of these youth face. Stereotypes of Asian American Students -- a very good essay on common stereotypes of Asian American students, and their damaging consequences -- includes good information about Asian American students' experiences in U. Asian American Concerns and Issues -- a website with links to many other useful sites about Asian American youth and adults.

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Stereotypes of South Asians are broadly believed impressions about individuals of South Asian origin that are often inconsistent with reality. While the impressions are wrongly presumed to be universally true for all people of South Asian origin, these stereotypes adversely affect the South Asians as well as the acculturation process. With 20th century immigration of South Asians around the world, especially to the United KingdomCanada and the United Statesethnic stereotyping of South Asians has become common place. These stereotypes have been found by scholars to be dehumanizing, making South Asians more prone to mistreatment and crime, a constraint on their ability to productively contribute, as well as a cause of depression and ill health.


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