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It's brilliant and will give you lots of FIRM history and theory, along with nutrition and everyday life information and tips. Thanks to all of you who have been with The FIRM for 20 something years and thanks to those of you that just received your first video today. Now, get off the computer and go workout With the 2 infomercials, all the new videos, and the website with thousands of you logging on, I have to say thank you. The new studio has 2 aerobic rooms, one that emphasizes heavier weight training and one that is set up for light training and cardio classes. We also have a bigger weight gym for those who want what other gyms offer and a wonderful child care area. We run both studios, all day long, starting at 6 a.

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Carter. Age: 30.
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I wasn't around then, some 20 years ago, but how wonderful is it that The FIRM has gone from the Benson sister's house, to this, an internationally known phenomenon?

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Jillian. Age: 29.
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The Firm. Time crunch cardio. Weight loss system.

We still have variations in classes, but they're still under the premise of heavy weights one day vs. This is a huge family, sometimes we joke that we're a cult! I took my first class and loved it!

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