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If one or two offspring are especially successful, winning several stakes races or an Olympic medal, the stud fee will generally greatly increase. In domestic breeding, the foal and dam are usually separated from the herd for a while, but within a few weeks are typically pastured with the other horses. Two more shipments followed, one in of 14 horses mostly mares, but with at least one stallion , and one in of 11 mares and a stallion. The stallion should be chosen to complement the mare, with the goal of producing a foal that has the best qualities of both animals, yet avoids having the weaker qualities of either parent. If the mare is not pregnant, she may be bred again during her next cycle. A stallion is usually trained to mount a phantom or dummy mare, although a live mare may be used, and he is most commonly collected using an artificial vagina AV which is heated to simulate the vagina of the mare.

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A second check is usually performed at 28 days.

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Horses were needed for heavy draft and carriage work until replaced by the automobile, truck, and tractor. When Middle Eastern warriors and European knights collided in warfare, the heavy knights were frequently outmaneuvered. Breeding a horse can be an expensive endeavor, whether breeding a backyard competition horse or the next Olympic medalist.

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