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All this manliness, belonged to her. He saw Sabine with two firm sticks in her hand, picking off the smaller branches and leaves on them. He would've laughed, but he barely noticed that Sabine rushed at him. Ezra felt himself swallowed up inside the tight core, tight flesh clasping around him. Sabine fell on her side and looked up at the sky, or however much of it wasn't hidden by the trees. Sabine didn't pay too much attention to it, but Ezra was suspicious. He stuck to a defensive role as she rushed him again, swinging her stick in different direction.

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Kinley. Age: 28.
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Especially since Sabine moaned a bit.

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Blair. Age: 30.
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She didn't want to hear his patronising tone, she wanted to kick his butt. But Hera wasn't prepared to get Sabine to do everything. Sabine lifted herself off him, going on all-fours in front. Zeb was probably getting it easiest, come to think of it.

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