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The only thing everyone in blockchain agrees about is that blockchain has a mainstream image problem. Pop culture is full of talk about tulip bubbles, dark-web boogeymen, attention-starved child actors, Lambo-buying ponzi-schemers, anarchist hackers, and shitcoin-shilling celebrities. And, instead of portraying crypto as nothing but some back-alley filled with dark-web assassins and scammy ICOs, the series has evolved into the empathetic story of three hostel hackers who are striving to build a better internet.

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By now, virtually all media, architecture, product and graphic design have been freed from ideas, individual passion, and have been relegated to a role of corporate servitude, carrying out corporate strategies and increasing stock prices. Creative people are now working for the bottom line. Magazine editors have lost their editorial independence, and work for committees of publishers who work for committees of advertisers.

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Sign in. Malcolm Tucker : Fucking hung up, haven't you? You fucking hoity-toity fucking

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Hey, I told you that check was coming in, I gotchu when it came in. Goddamn, I'm a man of my word. Goddamn, I told you I'ma have it, and goddamn, I'ma have it for you.

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Warning: This post makes frequent use of curse words and related ideas. I say no. It closes them.

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I am happy. I wake up with a smile on my face. Need a cup of milk for pancakes in the morning?

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Drag is a Radical Visible Act. It is difficult to blend into the background in false eyelashes and a frock. It is hard to back into a closet in high heels.

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Fuck is a vehicle for our disappointment, when we see that our report card is not as good as we had hoped, or when our significant other is late for dinner, or leaves us all together. Fuck is an old friend, who can always make us laugh. I mean she's fucked three ways to the weekend. But you know what, Father?

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It describes a young man that the speaker meets, who wears name-brand clothing, and buys heavily marketed products. This kid tells the speaker that he a fan of Tool from the beginning in '92, as he claims thinks that the band Tool is giving up their musical identity for record sales. According to the speaker, this kid has bought just about every product advertised to him, and Maynard is calling him out on it after hearing his criticism.

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King of New York. Does anyone else feel a noose tightening? Probably an early riser. All your writing is in cursive.


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