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Still need help? Let one of our condom and safer sex experts help you out! We have been the "friend in the business" for nearly 20 years to hundreds of thousands of customers.

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If you or your partner has an uncircumcised penis, you may encounter occasional difficulties with putting on a condom. It can be a little awkward, so a sense of humour helps. Then, gently pull back your foreskin to make it easier to put the condom on.

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How can you wear a condom when I have an uncircumcised penis? Do I need to pull my foreskin back? Does this need to be within the testicles additionally?

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Condom catheters are external urinary catheters that are worn like a condom. They collect urine as it drains out of your bladder and send it to a collection bag strapped to your leg. External urinary catheters are less invasive than internal catheters, which drain urine from your bladder via a thin tube inserted into your urethra Foley catheter or via a small incision in the skin above your bladder suprapubic catheter.

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Young Black MSM completed a self-interview, including a pictorial item assessing circumcision status and measures of condom use. Twenty-seven percent of participants reported not being circumcised. With one exception, no associations tested approached significance.

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Condoms are ubiquitous. When it comes to preventing sexually transmitted infections and pregnanciescondoms are usually the first choice. After all, they are inexpensive, easy to get, and good at their job—most of the time.

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My boyfriend is uncircumcised and large. We are having problems putting condoms on. They don't go on very well as the skin gets in the way and it becomes a bit of a comedy routine.

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I had sex with a woman and wore a condom. The condom did not break, but I am uncircumcised. After sex, I removed the condom and did not find any holes. When I removed the condom, my foreskin again covered my penis.

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! How do uncircumcised guys deal with condoms?

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We here at SELF give vaginas a lot of attention, which makes sense. But penises—including uncircumcised penises in particular—deserve their time in the sun, too. Why the emphasis on the uncircumcised penis instead of, well, all of them?


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