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A gay couple try to register their marriage, but their request is rejected on Jan. Asahi Shimbun file photo. Nearly 80 percent of Japanese in their 20s to 50s are in favor of legalizing same-sex marriages, according to a survey by advertising giant Dentsu Inc.

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Same-sex sexual activity was criminalised only briefly in Japan's history between andafter which a localised version of the Napoleonic Penal Code was adopted with an equal age of consent. Japan's culture and major religions do not have a history of hostility towards homosexuality. A law allowing transgender individuals to change their legal gender post- sex reassignment surgery and sterilization was passed in

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Travelling nowadays seems like the ultimate dream. We believe travelling the world is for everyone! A few important questions to keep in mind before flying to a new destination: what are the LGBT rights?

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In August this year, his family took the university and the person who exposed him to court for damages. According to reports in the Asahi Shimbun and other media, the student confessed to a classmate that he was sexually attracted to him in April last year, while the two men were students at the university. The classmate reacted by exposing the man as homosexual to seven members of their peer group using the Line app.

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Being out and open about your sexuality can be met with anything from acceptance and love, to hatred, violence, and even prison terms and execution. Every country has different dynamics and social views. In some, we can "put a ring on it" and marry the ones we love.

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Skip to content. Japan — unlike the US — doesn't have a Puritan history that says homosexuality is some kind of cardinal sin. Schoolyard bullying and discrimination are known problems.

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Records of men who have sex with men in Japan date back to ancient times. Western scholars have identified these as evidence of homosexuality in Japan. Though these relations had existed in Japan for millennia, they became most apparent to scholars during the Tokugawa or Edo period.

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With bars in a five-block radius, it's not just the gay district of Japan, but also has the highest concentration of gay bars in the world, so you can pretty much rest assured that there's something for everyone. The bar isn't just for cis-men to wear a dress, though, as it's also considered a safe space for transgender women. Satsuki pictured abovea transgender woman, says she finds it "absolutely positive", saying that she considers it "a form of self-expression that is not restricted by the concept of gender. As for the trans community in Japan, Satsuki says that "Japan has been relatively open to the idea from the beginning," but adds that it was "especially closed towards cross-dressing" until about five years ago.

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Politicians from sexual minority communities and LGBT rights leaders on Wednesday demanded a Diet member thoroughly explain what she meant by saying LGBT couples are "unproductive," and thus unworthy of government assistance. Taiga Ishikawa. In late July, Mio Sugita, a member of the House of Representatives and Liberal Democratic Party politician, penned an article questioning public support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people because they cannot bear offspring and thus are "unproductive.

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A woman sued the operator of an Osaka hospital where she works on Friday, claiming she suffered undue emotional distress after her boss revealed to colleagues she had transitioned some years earlier due to her gender dysphoria. In a damages lawsuit filed with the Osaka The largest study of its kind found new evidence that genes contribute to same-sex sexual behavior, but it echoes research that says there are no specific genes that make people gay.


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