How to perform a breast eaxamination

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women in British Columbia. Breast cancer can occur in men as well, but it is not as common. Tests and treatments for breast cancer vary from person to person, and are based on individual circumstances.

A breast self-exam is a check-up a woman does at home to look for changes or problems in the breast tissue. Many women feel that doing this is important to their health. However, experts do not agree about the benefits of breast self-exams in finding breast cancer or saving lives.

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A breast self-exam is a screening technique you can do at home to check for breast lumps. A breast self-exam can help screen for:. A breast self-exam was once thought to be a good screen for breast cancer.

Learn how to perform breast self-examination with these simple steps. This involves systematically and regularly checking your own breasts. This will help you to become familiar with the shape and form of your own breasts and to recognise any changes that may occur:. Look for visible changes in the breasts and nipples by turning slowly from side to side while adopting the following positions:.

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Breast cancer can't be prevented, but you can take three important steps to help detect it earlier. The free resource, 3 Steps to Early Detectioncan increase your chance of finding breast cancer before it spreads. Tell us where we can send you your copy.

While no single test can detect all breast cancers early, Breastcancer. Over the years, there has been some debate over just how valuable breast self-examination is in detecting breast cancer early and increasing the likelihood of survival. For example, a study of nearlywomen in Russia and China reported that breast self-examination does not have a meaningful impact on breast cancer survival rates and may even cause harm by prompting unnecessary biopsies removal and examination of suspicious tissue.

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A breast self-exam for breast awareness is an inspection of your breasts that you do on your own. To help increase your breast awareness, you use your eyes and hands to determine if there are any changes to the look and feel of your breasts. If you notice new breast changes, discuss these with your doctor. Though most breast changes detected during a self-exam for breast awareness have benign causes, some changes may signal something serious, such as breast cancer.

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Below are instructions on how to perform a breast self-exam. You should check for any change in the normal look or feel of your breasts on a monthly basis. A good way to remember to do this is to check just as your period ends or on the date of your birthday.

Breast examinations are performed for a number of clinical reasons. Patients, usually female, may present with mastalgia breast painnipple changes skin or discharge or more commonly a breast lump. Breast cancer is a common condition, nearly 50, women are diagnosed with this each year in the UK, it is therefore likely that whatever area you specialise in you will encounter breast cancer.


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