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They can also be divided into two categories: single coat and double coat. Here are the basics about double coated dogs, some examples of breeds that have double coats, and how to properly maintain this type of coat. A type of coat that consists of two layers, double coated dogs have a dense undercoat of short hairs woolly in texture under a top coat of longer hairs called guard hairs.

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Overview Cats and dogs with long hair have a lot of grooming matters to attend to—and that includes paying close attention to the long hair on their hindquarters. Unfortunately, the hair near the anus can become matted with feces, creating not only an unpleasant odor but also a health risk. The fancy name for this condition is pseudocoprostasis, but it is more commonly known as a fecal mat.

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Some cats will regrow with no problems, and some will never have the same coat texture. Some cats may, however, hate the feeling of not having their full coat. So, at the end of the day, it really comes down to each specific cat - their coat type, their lifestyle, and the reasons behind the trim. Before you use scissors….

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See files for Cats. Is your cat overgrooming? If your cat is licking everything or even if your cat is licking a specific area a lot, it may be a sign of pathology.

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While it might sound frivolous, professional cat grooming can cut down on mats and shedding, jump start healthy hair growth and provide respite from summertime heat. Cat haircuts can lend your cat a splash of style and help her stand out from a run-of-the-mill tabby. The comb cut is one of the most basic cuts for cats.

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Sindee owns a small farm with goats, some chickens, a horse, rabbits, and dogs. Clipper burn or razor rash is not uncommon. It usually manifests itself with red, raw skin, with or without bumps.

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So the other day I was petting my cat and discovered a patch of skin on his side that looked like it had been shaved. It was stubbly. Then I noticed his belly looked and felt partially shaved as well.


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