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Perhaps the only recourse for the next wave of rosebud stars is to take the advice of the more experienced. They make you sign waivers before you do these scenes. Over the six years I have done this I have always healed very well," she claims. Rectal surgery, typically reserved for the elderly, is the only medical solution for plugging up a leaking ass. It requires repeated and prolonged scenes of taking massive objects up your ass until your rectal walls are so loose, you can just push them out of your anus. In a way, porn stars who rosebud are like football players, sustaining repeated physical injury for our entertainment.

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Amira. Age: 30.
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When he first came into the business, in , as a porn director and actor, the industry was effortlessly churning out releases, South says.

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Dahlia. Age: 27.
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4 Girl Anal Prolapse With Ava Devine and Amy Brooke

Working up to the level where you can prolapse isn't easy. Except that, unlike pro-athletes, porn stars rarely, if ever, make more money for rosebud scenes than "regular" anal acts. This story is over 5 years old.

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