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Comes with a crib in you or your little's size, a rocking chair for your caretaker, a changing table, stuffed animals and a chest of drawers for the little one's clothes. Within an hour this one was snoozing right alongside the other subjects in their cribs on the rehab police bus. Max Dependent Max decided to move in with you right after he had his third regression attack. Comes with nothing in it but an overhead light, a single window, a twin bed with nothing but a fitted sheet, a bedsheet and a small pillow and a single chest of drawers for all of your clothes. Every once and a while though, you notice a chink in Cricket's dommy persona, suggesting she could be swaddled up in diapers herself given enough convincing. Mental regression world Well you can't be age regressed in this world at least, but somehow people can induce a form of mental retardation, reverting one's mind back to a childlike mental state, or revert someone's mind back to infancy.

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Infant world In this world, all but the most elite of global elites are kept in diapers and babied by gigantic nanny-bots.

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Miriam. Age: 31.
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Penthouse An apartment spanning an entire floor of some of the most prime real estate in the heart of any major city. Girlish room Your standard young girl's room. Toddler world In this world, everyone's maturity levels and continence levels are taken down a notch, a big notch.

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