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The show has a small handful of gay characters, sure. Android 18 and 17 made a few, although the that seems fitting. Got me to reply so it was effective at least. Dende is from a species with no sex and could pursue a romantic relationship with someone of either sex and still not be gay. Chi-Chi and Goku have been making a lot.

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gay dragonballz

Because Dodoria looks like a man but is a woman, and Zarbon is a man that looks like a woman in the original DBZ, they just shine a light on it.

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Just be sure to keep things civil here, like you would treat your breakfast muffin and things will be as chill as a full Son Goku. Dodoria was a woman who propositioned Vegeta, not gay. In season one, were Bulma and Yamcha continuously bringing up their sexual interest by being in a relationship?

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