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Tim tells Naomi that she should listen to Paul, as the Rebecchi's will sue even if they are friends. When Steph Scully tracks Woody down, Barry begins following her and almost catches her. Tad realises his relationship with Jess is becoming too serious and he ends it. He then takes the contents of the till and disappears, leaving Steph to be investigated for assisting a robbery. Michelle Scully meets Zack, while he is doing community service for a graffiti charge. Sandy starts to resent Lolly's presence as she reminds her of John infidelity.

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Kiera. Age: 28.
naughty neighbors july 2001

Mark confronts Liz, and she admits to Elly and Bea that she made up the story about Finn attacking her.

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Holland. Age: 20.
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Cameron reveals that he had been in a relationship with Karl's daughter, Libby and that it ended badly. She begins abusing Lolly mentally and physically. He and Sandy then decide to move to the country and they take Louise with them. Ben Kirk , played by Noah Sutherland, made his first on-screen appearance on 14 December

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