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In the show's early developmental stages, the eldest Belcher child was originally written as a boy, [3] named Daniel Belcher, who was also voiced by Mintz, whose personality in the never-broadcast pilot is said to have been similar to that of Tina's. She often encourages her kids to engage in behavior that Bob finds annoying, and though she wants what's best for her kids, she tends to be scatter-brained. He is a third-generation restaurateur and currently the proprietor of his eponymous burger restaurant Bob's Burgers in a shore town. Bob is allergic to shellfish, particularly lobster , as it causes his face to swell any time he eats it. Bob's Burgers features regular ups and downs in customer volume, but two loyal customers help keep the restaurant open. Categories : Bob's Burgers Lists of characters in American television animation. She is obsessed with horses, boys particularly Jimmy Jr.

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She is a member of the Hormone-iums, a musical revue at Wagstaff that sings songs about puberty, and was formerly a member of the Thundergirls, a Girl Scout -like organization.

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Zoey. Age: 25.
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Frond refers to her as a "dum-dum". Views Read Edit View history. In " Carpe Museum ", Louise accidentally reveals her plan to take over the family restaurant when Bob retires, after renaming it to "Louise's Burgers. Ten years later, still resentful over not being allowed to cook the way he wanted, Bob turned down Big Bob's offer of a partnership in the diner and opened his own restaurant.

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