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rwby bound and gagged
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Yeah" she smiled, the older girly hardly believed her, and she knew it. She looked down at the bound woman and thought for a moment. I'm sorry" The leader spoke softly, feeling partly responsible, if she and Blake had not That is, until SHE caught her eye. The best Huntress I know, my greatest friend and.. Blake was a bit more similar, minus the colour going for a metal biker vibe, with a few ribs and tears, the black sheep was Weiss who came in a elegant one piece dress, that had a winter theme to it and cut in the dress so her leg could peak out, showing off her glass heels.

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Laila. Age: 23.
rwby bound and gagged

And I feel very" The ice queen leaned back into the couch and kicked out her leg, letting the dress glide down her thigh until the hem of undergarments peaked.

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Hadassah. Age: 25.
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Come on Ruby I'll race yah" As she darted off down the hall at break neck speed, Ruby turned to Blake, wondering what to do. Maybe she figured me out and wanted to break it off now, before I ruined our friendship.. Weiss 'Mother fucking' Schnee had just strolled up in a sexy ass dress, placed one heel between her legs and simply said.

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