Breast reduction arizona doctors

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Large or heavy breasts may be the result of genetics, weight gain, or the aging process. Many women are dissatisfied with the appearance of their large breasts, especially if they appear disproportionate to the rest of their body. They may also experience skin irritation, back pain, and shoulder pain from the excess weight of cumbersome breasts.

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For many people, large breasts are associated with attractiveness and femininity. However, women that live with overly large breasts understand that it can impact your life in a negative way. They can lead to chronic back and neck pain, impacting your ability to live an active lifestyle.

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Some women find that they are born with breasts that are frankly too large for their frames. Prichard offers a breast reduction for patients who feel they could do with a little downsizing in their lives. Prichard delivers some of the best breast reduction Phoenix has to offer.

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My practice serves women from the Phoenix area considering breast reduction surgery. This procedure is one of my favorite procedures because women who have this surgery tend to be some of the happiest patients a board-certified plastic surgeon such as myself can have. The main reason for this is that breast reduction surgery not only lifts and reshapes the breasts, but it also alleviates neck, shoulder and back pain, rashes, bra-strap grooving, and many of the other problems associated with having large, heavy breasts.

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Andres presents women with the chance to let go of their troubles by way of a breast reduction. Routinely, a breast reduction surgery in Phoenix is performed as an outpatient procedure using IV sedation or general anesthesia. This is carefully administered under a board-certified anesthesiologist.

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For many women with excessively large breasts, having a breast reduction surgery is much more than just decreasing their size. A breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty, can reduce discomfort in the shoulders, back, and neck due to the size and weight of the breasts, eliminate the deep indentations in the skin of the shoulders from wearing a tight bra, and decrease some of the emotional stress that comes with the unwanted attention from oversized breasts. Arizona plastic surgeons, Dr.

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While many women choose to increase the volume of their breasts, there are also a considerable number of women who desire to be smaller. Women with naturally large breasts deal with a host of breast-related issues, ranging from pain and discomfort to embarrassment and self-image insecurities. Hiatt offers breast reduction surgery to improve the size and shape of excessively large breasts. This procedure can result in more youthful, balanced, and perky breasts that will allow for enhanced confidence and improved quality of life.

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Ramon Robles performs breast reduction surgery at his Phoenix, AZpractice to remove excess breast tissue and alleviate discomfort. Overly large breasts can cause a number of painful complications, including neck, back, and shoulder pain. Patients may also struggle to find clothing that fits properly, while certain activities such as exercise can be uncomfortable.

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Breasts that are too large and heavy can be very painful and can cause serious health problems. They can make it difficult to find clothing that fits properly and for many women are a source of embarrassment and low self-esteem. We want you to get the most out of your consultation.


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