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Sperm turns female fruit flies into crazed aggressors after sex, making them head-butt and kick virgin fruit flies to get more food. Scientists discovered a specific peptide in fruit fly seminal fluid is directly involved in the observed behavior changes seen in fruit flies after sex, and they say the findings could have implications for mammal behavior—potentially even for humans. Sex, pregnancy and rearing offspring is known to lead to heightened aggression among the females of many species— a bear with cubs, for example, is particularly dangerous, especially if she feels threatened.

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The molecular machinery of ciliary motility comprises a variety of cilium-specific dynein motor complexes along with other complexes that regulate their activity. In humans, mutation of any one of at least 40 different genes encoding components of the motility apparatus causes Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia PCDa disease of defective ciliary motility. Recently, Drosophila has emerged as a model for motile cilia biology and motile ciliopathies.

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Sperm have but one purpose, to fertilize an egg. In various species including Drosophila melanogaster female sperm storage is a necessary step in the reproductive process. Amo is a homolog of the human transient receptor potential channel TRPP2 also known as PKD2which is mutated in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease.

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Nell Greenfieldboyce. Female Drosophila bifurca flies have an organ to store sperm right that male flies compete to fill, crowding out rivals. You can't help but notice that Scott Pitnick has a big tattoo.

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It is common for females from many species to mate with multiple males within one reproductive cycle. As a result, sperm from different males come into contact in the female reproductive organs, where they compete for ova fertilization. This sperm competition appears to drive the ejaculation of a greater number of sperm than required to fertilize the ova.

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Male fruit flies produce relatively gigantic sperm: The animal itself is only a few millimeters long, but his sperm can reach an impressive length of nearly 6 centimeters 2. According to new findings published in Nature this week, the males evolved enormous sperm to outcompete the smaller sperm of their lesser rivals. And the female sperm-storing organ is driving this process.

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Toggle nav. Fertilization in Drosophila is not your typical type of fertilization. It differs from sea urchin and mammalian fertilization in several ways, and these include.

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Sperm that females receive during mating are stored in special places in the females' reproductive tracts. These storage sites serve to support and retain the sperm, maintaining the sperms' motility and, in mammals, permitting final sperm-maturation. The molecules that attract sperm to these sites and mediate what happens to them there have remained elusive. New research, using elegant genetic tools in Drosophilashows that secretory cells associated with a sperm storage organ are important in sperm-supportive functions.

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Motile cilia and flagella exhibit many waveforms as outputs of dynein activation sequences on the highly conserved axoneme. Motility change of sperm in the reproductive tract is difficult to study and remains an important area of investigation. Sperm typically execute a sinusoidal waveform.

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In the animal kingdom, sperm usually are considerably smaller than eggs, which means that males can produce far more of them. Large numbers of tiny sperm can increase the probability of successful fertilization, especially when females mate with several males. This is because the competition among sperm from different males to fertilize the few eggs increases as sperm become more abundant.


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