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It has all the elements that make for great reality TV: a villainous sidekick, a bunch of something singles in bikinis, a child star managing them, and a logical reason for all of them to be day drinking on a beach. But those who bailed on Beach Club early are missing out on all sorts of fascinating glimpses into the current state of LiLo. The gift that keeps on giving.

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She began as a beloved Disney tween queen and a much-praised box-office lure. That unraveled soon enough, as she became another wounded, doomed celebrity girl careening through the tabloid world: Lohan the despondent daughter of reckless parents, the on-the-set monster destroying her career and holding up expensive productions, the luckless dater whose boyfriends and hookups trash-talked her and did her no good, the cocaine-and-alcohol-fueled road menace who seemed rehab resistant. US Weekly, OK!

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Recently, he took that obsession to dangerous new heights by getting cast on a reality show himself. Coming back home, I realized I nothing figured out. Hi, Mike.

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Asides from the obvious ethical issues that arise from implying to an impressionable audience that homosexuality "shameful" — or falsely "outing" famous people — the article wrongly cited the Harry Potter actor as gay, Diaz as bisexual, and incorrectly claimed that Elton John wore a wedding dress to marry his long-term partner David Furnish earlier this year. MBC provides current affairs and entertainment news to over million people in the Arabic-speaking world. Instead, it blamed a junior editor who had first published it for failing to fact check properly and for plagiarizing the piece from "another Arabic website without factual verification of the article". The original article can still be viewed here.

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Those photos of actress and pop singer Lindsay Lohan nuzzling her "close friend," DJ Samantha Ronson, have attracted surprisingly little attention. A lot of female celebrities pretend to have girl crushes—it's edgy—and at first we automatically dismissed the images as publicity-seeking. Even the confirmation of a relationship by Lohan's semi-estranged father can be dismissed as his own quest for attention.

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Welcome to episode eight of Lohan's Beach Club, the show that aspires towards being Vanderpump Rules but sadly more closely resembles a drunken beachside version of The Apprentice. Last week the beautiful-but-stupid Jules was sent home for no real reason, Mike was sad about it because they were sort-of dating, and Kailah had a big fight with Lindsay, who accused her of conspiring to take down the Beach Club with her offscreen boyfriend. They were drinking on a yacht at the time.

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As well as Lohan, the high-profile guest list included the Icelandic Prime Minister and fashion designer Daniel Lismore. Lohan, wearing a bridal-inspired white dress, gave a speech at the wedding reception congratulating the newlyweds. The celebrity guest list and stunning Icelandic countryside views made for a surely memorable wedding day.

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That year she also released the pop album Speakwhich went platinum. Since becoming a celebrity, Lohan has had problems with drug and alcohol abuse, as well as other controversial antics that have been well documented in the tabloids. Her father, Michael Lohan, ran his family's pasta business and worked as an investment banker.

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Lindsay Lohan has grabbed the reins of the world and ridden it around the sun 30 times. This is quite an accomplishment for anyone. Lindsay Lohan is 30 years old!

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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Actress Lindsay Lohan has hit out at the Los Angeles police chief after he said the star had "gone gay". It's inappropriate," Lohan said. Chief William Bratton made the remark while explaining why he did not support a crackdown on the paparazzi.


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