Sankaku complex

sankaku complex
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Sankaku Complex really knows its audience, even if that audience is kind of niche. Homemade Porn Premium Sites. Sankaku Complex is a hilarious and alternative news site for all things Otaku. One of the best posts I saw was a bitch sitting with a dude at a public restaurant, except he has a remote control vibrator connected to her vag. The Japanese news includes crime, culture, society, and politics, and can go way outside of typical weeb shit. Much like 4chan, the porn here is often a sideshow to the discussion and content. You also get cool tidbits like a JAV company inviting horny men to ride on bicycles hooked up to generators while watching porn.

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The articles are generally interesting.

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Just a ton of clickbait bullshit. Finally, there is the comments section which is fairly active on Sankaku Complex. Come get the latest news on Otaku culture, jack off to some hentai screenshots, and meet other weeb nerds to waste the rest of your life with. Add some main links to the website so people can easily learn where the real action is.

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