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When I visited both Tokyo and Shanghai earlier this summer, I had a single mission aside from eating all of the uni and xiao long bao in sight : I wanted to purchase as many pairs of sunglasses — as in ones specially designed to fit Asian faces like mine — as possible. I got my first pair of glasses in the second grade, and while contact lenses came to my rescue as soon as I reached seventh, I've basically spent my entire life suffering through some form of optical-wear that didn't properly fit my face. Plus, I'll never forget those awkward cheek indentations.

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Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. In our advice column, Ask the Strategistwe take your most burning shopping questions and quiz our friends, scour the internet, call up experts, and draw from personal experience to answer them. Warby Parker has their line of low-bridge-fit frames, which are great, but what else is out there for people who need sunglasses for low bridges?

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Learn more. We proudly offer the largest selection of Asian Fit frames and sunglasses with over unique styles and colors since we started. Browse our collection.

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We have an abundance of stylish frames and coloured lenses that fit your overall look and personality. M the New Pilot. M Kitty Minus.

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Although this may seem self-explanatory you may be misinterpreting what exactly Asian fit means. Asian and regular fit sunglass frames have some key differences, specially designed to accommodate the different needs of individuals, looking for comfortable sunglasses that fit them well. Asian fit is a debatable term used by the eyewear industry to describe sunglasses that are made for people with lower nose bridges and higher cheekbones.

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This past year was undoubtedly a challenging one for minorities, but thankfully, the fashion industry has become more diverse than it's ever been. With different body types and more women of color appearing on the runways and in campaigns, fashion is not only embracing diversity, but it's also responding to it. That's exactly what Covry is trying to do in the eyewear world.

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It's a frustration anyone with high cheekbones and a low nose bridge will understand: Sunglasses never seem to fit. Enter Covry Sunweara new sunglasses maker started by high school friends Athina Wang, 25, and Florence Shin, 24, who launched their company after complaining to each other about their sunglasses problems. Both were working in fashion and had gone to school for fashion as wellso they took their experience and began testing the products that were on the market.

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Asian features are not homogenous but are often characterised by the presence of higher cheekbones and a significantly lower nose bridge than Caucasians. Therein lies the issue, then, when big-name eyewear brands tend to construct frames for the latter demographic, creating issues with fit for Asians who just want to flaunt the same design. Style Make a statement with these bold eyewear pieces this summer Read More. A growing number of eyewear labels have thankfully stepped up to rectify the problem by offering customers the option to purchase sunglasses made with an Asian fit, often dubbed interchangeably as an alternative fit.

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What makes you special — your one-of-a-kind face — is also what can make it a challenge to find sunglasses that fit just right. Say goodbye to pain and frustration, and hello to comfort, function, and unbeatable views. If your glasses tend to slip forward, slide down your face, pinch your temples, or even if you experience lens fogging, these styles are designed for you.

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There are now 7. And it is also why glasses slide down our noses, pinch us, give us headaches or blurred vision, touch our eyelashes… The list of issues goes on and on. Improper fit is the main culprit for why most people hate everything about wearing glasses. While problems like these are commonplace for most caucasian people, it is non-caucasian people that get an even rougher deal.


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