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Episode 3 of PEN15 features one of the most relatable depictions of teenage self-exploration ever shown on TV. She becomes so aroused after talking to bonafide arty douchebag Booth Jonathan that she has to go masturbate in the bathroom of an event space. In "The Agony and The Ex-tacy" Samantha meets a good looking priest who she quickly dubs "Friar Fuck" — only problem is, this friar won't, uuuh, fulfill her fantasy. But, hey, whatever floats your boat or bidet. More often than not, the woman writhes around on her back and she's usually moaning the moment her hand comes into contact with her vulva. I mean, it's a great idea in principle, but who among us has ever had great success masturbating in an upright position not me!

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Noa. Age: 21.
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Back in , long before Russian Doll , Natasha Lyonne was already making quite the impression on screen.

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Marissa. Age: 27.
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There was no writhing around or fake orgasms in this scene, just a woman wearing her pyjamas masturbating noiselessly under her duvet as her laptop moved up and down with her hand. In the film, we see Brandy masturbating by riding a pillow, which frankly you don't see often enough in movies. The only thing we'd change is the fact that she's aggressively crying. WATCH: Consent-oriented condom packaging says four hands are needed to open it, but then again — maybe not.

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